Customer Terms and Guarantees


The WordAgents Team is eager to get started on your project! We ask that you provide specific project details when submitting your order and fully provide any information which we request. Based on the information you provide, we create content that meets your vision and your audience’s needs. All WordAgents projects include:
  • Topic research
  • Title ideation (if no title is provided)
  • Content writing
  • Up to 20 keywords*
  • Proofreading via Grammarly
  • Plagiarism checks via Copyscape
  • Delivery of up to 10,000 words within 7 business days
*SEO add-on packages are available! We can incorporate your favorite SEO tool to optimize your content. Learn more about bring-your-own SEO here. WordAgents projects do not include:
  • SEO optimization via tools (unless there is an add-on package)
  • Images, graphics, screenshots, screen captures, or links to images
  • Domain Authority (DA) or Domain Ranking (DR) research
  • Development of content briefs 
Please note that providing accurate and thorough content brief information is essential for ensuring timely production. If your content brief lacks the required information or contains conflicting requests, this may delay production or void our reasonable revision guarantee. Content Types Our team of writers can cover a diverse range of content requests in American English. WordAgents’ four core content pillars cover: Within these four categories, your content options are almost limitless. Plus, you can order any piece of content at a length that suits your needs. Artificial Intelligence AI in Content Production At, we are committed to delivering high-quality, original content to our customers. We understand that the use of artificial intelligence (AI) in content creation is a rapidly evolving field, and we are constantly exploring ways in which AI can improve the speed and efficiency of our content production process without compromising on quality. We are committed to maintaining the integrity of our content and to upholding the trust of our customers. To this end, we have implemented the following policies regarding the use of AI in content production: AI Detection Tools in Content Production While there are a vast number of tools on the marketplace lately regarding AI detection, these tools are not 100% accurate, based on our own experiences and that of external tests and results as well.
  • WordAgents will not tie itself or commit itself to any AI detection tool, company, or arbitrary score from any AI detection tool at this point in time. The reason for this is simple as stated above – the tools are not 100% accurate and we cannot run a business using tools that are not tried and true – and no valid scientific methodology to validate them ourselves, other than what their creators state to the general public.
  • Due to the nature of our service, the high volume of informational content that WordAgents produces, it is possible that we experience a high number of false positives.
  • WordAgents Essential content will be produced using a combination of Artificial Intelligence tools and humans to ensure that the content still maintains the highest quality level that you’re used to from WordAgents.
  • WordAgents Elite and WordAgents Exclusive plans (our managed service) will use humans on every document, unless Artificial Intelligence is specified or requested by the client.
  • If you are unhappy with the deliverables received, you are eligible for two free revisions. This includes any deliverable that may result in any level of AI detection in which you are unhappy.
  • While we cannot guarantee that none of our writers use AI in the production of their content, we can commit to putting a policy in place that ensures the content our customers are receiving from WordAgents is high-quality and meets their requirements.
  • We have strict policies in place and will take the appropriate course of actions internally to rectify any issues where necessary.
Our number one goal is to provide our customers with high quality content no matter what! We hope that these policies will help to reassure our customers that we are committed to producing high-quality, original content and that we are always working to improve and evolve our content production process. If you have any further questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us. Content Length With regard to your content length requests:
  • Single article projects must be at least 1,000 words each
  • Projects that include 2 or more articles must be at least 50 words each
Quality Guarantee We strive for quality at all times. With regard to quality, we guarantee:
  • Each article will be verifiably accurate
  • Each article will follow client directions
  • Each article will be proofread on to a score of 90% or better
  • Each article will pass Copyscape plagiarism checks
Please note that we do not provide subject matter experts. You should not expect the insight that someone with first-hand experience, education and/or training would have on a particular topic or issue. Instead, our writers use the latest internet research curated from a variety of verifiable sources to fulfill your requests. WordAgents does not provide editing services outside of proofreading the document and utilizing Grammarly to achieve a score of 90% or better. Turnaround Time and Delivery Guarantee WordAgents guarantees delivery of up to 10,000 words of writing per each account within 7 business days. Weekends, holidays, and other non-business time does not count towards the 7-business day timeline. If your content needs are 40k words or more delivered per month, we charge a Fast Track add-on service delivery surcharge, which is applied in word credits and varies depending upon how many words you actually need. Word credit pricing can be seen on our order form within our customer management system. Documents will be produced via Google Docs and delivered to your account dashboard. You can also receive notifications via email when each order is complete. Refund Policy WordAgents sells clients credits for the purchase of written content. These credits are non-refundable after 30 days of purchase or anytime redemptions occur. Credits are applicable only towards future use of WordAgents Writing Services and are not convertible into cash or any type of refund. Customers are entitled to a full refund within the first 30 days of purchasing their credits from WordAgents, so long as none of the credits were redeemed on the WordAgents platform. Any credit redemptions within the first 30 days of purchase, nullify the ability for a customer to request a cash refund from WordAgents. 30 days after the purchase date of credits, WordAgents has a no refund policy. All sales are final, and WordAgents does not offer any money-back guarantees. This does not include any promotional deals or offers – offered to customers, which may have additional terms and conditions.  You recognize and agree to these refund terms and conditions. NO WARRANTIES – THE COMPANY MAKES NO WARRANTIES REGARDING THE PERFORMANCE OR OPERATION OF THIS WEBSITE. THE COMPANY FURTHER MAKES NO REPRESENTATIONS OR WARRANTIES OF ANY KIND, EXPRESS OR IMPLIED, AS TO THE INFORMATION, CONTENTS, MATERIALS, DOCUMENTS, PROGRAMS, PRODUCTS, BOOKS, OR SERVICES INCLUDED ON OR THROUGH THIS WEBSITE. TO THE FULLEST EXTENT PERMISSIBLE UNDER THE LAW, THE COMPANY DISCLAIMS ALL WARRANTIES, EXPRESS OR IMPLIED, INCLUDING IMPLIED WARRANTIES OF MERCHANTABILITY AND FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. LIMITATION OF LIABILITY –  YOU AGREE TO ABSOLVE THE COMPANY OF ANY AND ALL LIABILITY OR LOSS THAT YOU OR ANY PERSON OR ENTITY ASSOCIATED WITH YOU MAY SUFFER OR INCUR AS A RESULT OF USE OF THE INFORMATION CONTAINED ON THIS WEBSITE AND/OR THE RESOURCES YOU MAY DOWNLOAD FROM THIS WEBSITE.  YOU AGREE THAT THE COMPANY SHALL NOT BE LIABLE TO YOU FOR ANY TYPE OF DAMAGES, INCLUDING DIRECT, INDIRECT, SPECIAL, INCIDENTAL, EQUITABLE, OR CONSEQUENTIAL LOSS OR DAMAGES FOR USE OF THIS WEBSITE. THE INFORMATION, SOFTWARE, PRODUCTS, AND SERVICES INCLUDED IN OR AVAILABLE THROUGH THE WEBSITE MAY INCLUDE INACCURACIES OR TYPOGRAPHICAL ERRORS. CHANGES ARE PERIODICALLY ADDED TO THE INFORMATION HEREIN. THE COMPANY AND/OR ITS SUPPLIERS MAY MAKE IMPROVEMENTS AND/OR CHANGES IN THE WEBSITE AT ANY TIME. THE COMPANY AND/OR ITS SUPPLIERS MAKE NO REPRESENTATIONS ABOUT THE SUITABILITY, RELIABILITY, AVAILABILITY, TIMELINESS, AND ACCURACY OF THE INFORMATION, SOFTWARE, PRODUCTS, SERVICES AND RELATED GRAPHICS CONTAINED ON THE WEBSITE FOR ANY PURPOSE. TO THE MAXIMUM EXTENT PERMITTED BY APPLICABLE LAW, ALL SUCH INFORMATION, SOFTWARE, PRODUCTS, SERVICES AND RELATED GRAPHICS ARE PROVIDED “AS IS” WITHOUT WARRANTY OR CONDITION OF ANY KIND. THE COMPANY AND/OR ITS SUPPLIERS HEREBY DISCLAIM ALL WARRANTIES AND CONDITIONS WITH REGARD TO THIS INFORMATION, SOFTWARE, PRODUCTS, SERVICES AND RELATED GRAPHICS, INCLUDING ALL IMPLIED WARRANTIES OR CONDITIONS OF MERCHANTABILITY, FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE, TITLE, AND NON-INFRINGEMENT. TO THE MAXIMUM EXTENT PERMITTED BY APPLICABLE LAW, IN NO EVENT SHALL THE COMPANY AND/OR ITS SUPPLIERS BE LIABLE FOR ANY DIRECT, INDIRECT, PUNITIVE, INCIDENTAL, SPECIAL, CONSEQUENTIAL DAMAGES OR ANY DAMAGES WHATSOEVER INCLUDING, WITHOUT LIMITATION, DAMAGES FOR LOSS OF USE, DATA OR PROFITS. 100% Satisfaction Guarantee WordAgents’ goal is to provide the highest-value content possible. That means no roping our clients into lengthy or legally complicated service contracts or setting expiration dates. You’re free to leave anytime, though we’ll do our best to ensure that you never want to. If, at any time, you are not  reasonably satisfied with our services, we will work with you to do our professional best to make you 100% satisfied. Reasonable Revisions WordAgents provides up to two (2) reasonable revisions per document ordered. Each revision will be returned within three (3) working days from when our team receives the revision request. Revisions must be requested within three (3) days of the original delivery date of the article, otherwise, the order will be marked as completed. Revisions are meant to correct accidental factual inaccuracies or to phrase information in a way that better meets the expectations laid out in a client’s content brief. Revisions are not an avenue for expanding on or changing the original brief or requesting research, editing, or other services that are not included in your order, such as:
  • SEO optimization (in the absence of an SEO add-on)
  • Additional research
  • Increasing the word count
  • Adding sections or information not requested in the original brief
Revision requests must be made via your account dashboard. Revision notes must be made via Google document comments in the original delivered document. We welcome all your feedback! However, we cannot accept articles for revision that have already been edited by a third party. Our revisions cover the original document that we deliver to you, with in-document comments and feedback. Please note that we are happy to address any quality concerns that you may have, but limitations do apply to the revision parameters. For example:
  • Any tone or voice requirements must be specific and outlined in the original brief, i.e., specific key terms or branded phrases.
  • For product-related articles, revisions do not apply to products that have become unavailable/gone out of stock after article delivery.
  • Addressing changes based on client errors in brief guidelines is up to the discretion of the WordAgents team.
  • WordAgents revisions do not cover rewrites of completed/delivered articles.
Cancellation you are free to stop redeeming your credits and formally terminate your relationship with WordAgents at any time. Cancellations of word credit redemptions (aka ordering articles) will not be honored. Our team begins work as soon as you submit your project details. Subscriptions WordAgents subscription packages have a minimum commitment of 90 days. If you are subscribed to one of our packages and would like to cancel, you are required to let us know at least 24 hours before your cancellation date. Content Ownership Once we have finished and delivered a piece of content to you, you have full copyright ownership of that content. Under no circumstances will we ever republish, recycle or redistribute the content we have created for you without your written permission, provided that we may maintain a copy of the content for legitimate business purposes such as legal and marketing purposes. You grant us a license to show the content in full or excerpted form to potential future clients of WordAgents as a sample of our quality work. Content Use You understand, acknowledge and agree that once a piece of content is delivered to you, you are solely responsible for any use of the content. You will attach the appropriate disclaimers to any content you publish or otherwise utilize to offer sufficient protections to WordAgents from any disputes, claims, issues or liabilities related to the content, and, notwithstanding any such disclaimers, you agree to indemnify, defend, and hold harmless WordAgents from any third-party disputes, claims, issues or liabilities related to your use of the content.  At no time may WordAgents be liable to you for any amounts above the fees paid for its services prior to six (6) months preceding any dispute, claim, issue or liability. Word Credit Expiration Policy IMPORTANT NOTICE: This policy aims to effectively manage accumulated credits, allowing us to better allocate resources for our active customers. If your account is in regular use and you frequently place orders, this policy may not be applicable to you. 1. Definition of Credit Expiration Terms 1.1. Legacy Credits Legacy credits at WordAgents (“Credits”) retain their validity indefinitely as long as your registered account is actively used. If your account becomes inactive and there is no communication with our team or placement of orders for three (3) months, the credits in your account will be automatically deleted. 1.2. Essential and Elite Subscription Credits For customers who have subscribed to the Essential or Elite WordAgents packages, your credits follow different expiration terms. These credits will roll over even after the cancellation of your subscription. However, these rolled-over credits will expire entirely after 60 days of cancellation, regardless of their use during this period. 1.2.1. Full Deletion of Legacy Credits After Three (3) Months of Inactivity If your account holding legacy credits remains inactive for three (3) months and there is no communication with our team or any order placement, all the legacy credits in your account will be completely deleted. 1.2.2. Expiration of Essential and Elite Subscription Credits After 60 Days of Subscription Cancellation Upon cancellation of your Essential or Elite subscription, any remaining subscription credits will roll over but will expire entirely after 60 days of the subscription cancellation, regardless of their usage during this period. To resume using WordAgents’ services post-credit deletion, you will need to re-register as a WordAgents customer and purchase one of our credit packages or subscriptions. Word Credit Redemption Ordering content from WordAgents is straightforward! Simply fill out our order form to specify your content requirements, including the length of the article and other necessary details. Upon order submission via your WordAgents dashboard, the corresponding credits are deducted from your account balance. Our production team commences work immediately, and our Customer Success team is ready to assist you with any queries. For any questions regarding this policy, feel free to contact us at, and a WordAgents representative will respond to your inquiries promptly. The WordAgents Team Writers While we aim for consistency when assigning customer content orders to our team of elite and 100% American English-speaking writers, we do not provide clients the ability to choose which writer on our team works on their projects. Provision of dedicated writers are not part of our service offering. However, clients can expect a consistent writing style and tone of voice from all writers on our team due to our thorough vetting and onboarding procedures for all our writers. WordAgents customers cannot contact our writers directly. Project management and content-related communications—from payment inquiries to content revision requests—must be handled by each customer’s dedicated Customer Success Representative (in collaboration with a content editor where appropriate). This formal communication framework provides benefits to all parties involved. It allows our team to more effectively take into account customer feedback. It also empowers our writers to focus on doing what they do best—developing best-in-class SEO-optimized content. Sample Content Reach out to us directly at to check out sample content. Arbitration and Choice of Law/Venue You agree that these Terms are subject to the Federal Arbitration Act, and as such, any and all disputes, claims, statutory claims, or controversies (hereafter collectively referred to as “Claims“) arising under or in connection with these Terms, including those which may pertain to the applicability or enforceability of this arbitration provision itself, shall be subject to binding arbitration to be determined by one arbitrator, in accordance with and pursuant to the then-prevailing Commercial Arbitration Rules of the American Arbitration Association (or the “AAA“), to be held and arbitrated within Suffolk County, New York. The findings of the arbitrator shall be final and binding on all parties to these Terms. The substantially prevailing party may be required by the arbitrator to pay all costs associated with the arbitration, including attorneys’ fees. This agreement to arbitrate, and any award, finding, or verdict of or from the arbitration, will be specifically enforceable or subject to challenge in a state or federal court located in Suffolk County, New York. The party asserting Claims shall file a notice of the demand for arbitration with the other party to this Agreement following the procedures set forth at The demand for arbitration shall be made within a reasonable time after the Claims in question have arisen, and in no event shall any such demand be made after the date when institution of legal or equitable proceedings based on such Claims would be barred by the applicable statute of limitations. Any arbitration proceeding brought under these Terms, and any award, finding, or verdict of or from such proceeding shall remain confidential between the parties and shall not be made public. Both you and WordAgents are agreeing to choose arbitration, rather than litigation or another mode of dispute resolution, to address any Claims which may arise. The parties believe this will allow for a faster, more efficient, effective and cost-saving method of addressing Claims. By entering into these Terms and agreeing to this arbitration provision, the parties are waiving their constitutional right to have any dispute decided in a court of law before a jury.  THESE TERMS DO NOT ALLOW CLASS OR COLLECTIVE ARBITRATIONS EVEN IF THE AAA PROCEDURES OR RULES PERMIT SAME. BY AGREEING TO THESE TERMS, YOU UNDERSTAND, ACCEPT AND AGREE THAT YOU CAN BRING CLAIMS ONLY ON YOUR OWN BEHALF AND THAT YOU WILL NOT ASSERT CLAIMS ON BEHALF OF, OR AS A MEMBER OF, A CLASS OR GROUP IN EITHER AN ARBITRATION PROCEEDING, A PRIVATE ATTORNEY GENERAL ACTION OR IN ANY OTHER FORUM OR ACTION. THE PARTIES ALSO AGREE THAT THE ARBITRATOR MAY AWARD MONEY OR INJUNCTIVE RELIEF ONLY IN FAVOR OF YOU AS AN INDIVIDUAL SEEKING RELIEF AND ONLY TO THE EXTENT NECESSARY TO PROVIDE RELIEF WARRANTED BY AND LIMITED TO ANY CLAIMS SUBJECT TO THESE TERMS.