Customer Terms & Guarantees

Revised: May 26, 2021


The WordAgents team is eager to get started on your project! We ask that you provide specific project details when submitting your order. Based on that information, we create content that meets your vision and your audience's needs.

All WordAgents projects include:

  • Topic research
  • Title ideation (if no title is provided)
  • Up to 20 keywords*
  • Content writing
  • Proofreading via Grammarly
  • Plagiarism checks via Copyscape
  • Delivery of up to 10,000 words within 7 business days

*SEO add-on packages are available! We incorporate your favorite SEO tool to optimize your content. Learn more about bring-your-own SEO here

WordAgents projects do not include:

  • SEO optimization via tools (in the absence of an add-on package)
  • Images, graphics, screenshots, screen captures, or links to images
  • Domain Authority (DA) or Domain Ranking (DR) research
  • Development of content briefs

Please note that providing accurate and thorough content brief information is essential for ensuring quick production. If your content brief lacks the required information or has conflicting requests, this may delay production or void our reasonable revision guarantee.

Content Types

Our team of American writers can cover a diverse range of content requests. WordAgents' four core content pillars cover:

Within these four categories, your content options are almost limitless. Plus, you can order any piece of content at a length that suits your needs.

Content Length

In regards to your content length requests:

  • Single article projects must be at least 1,000 words each
  • Projects that include 2 or more articles must be at least 50 words each

Quality Guarantee

We strive for quality at all times. In regards to quality, we guarantee:

  • Each article will be factually correct
  • Each article will follow the directions provided by the client
  • Each article will be proofread on to a score of 90% or better
  • Each article will pass Copyscape plagiarism checks

Please note that we do not provide subject matter experts. You should not expect the insight someone with first-hand experience would have. Our writers will use internet research to carry out your requests.

WordAgents does not provide a full suite of editing services outside of proofreading the document and utilizing Grammarly to achieve a score of 90% or better.

Turnaround Time and Delivery Guarantee

WordAgents guarantees delivery of up to 10,000 words of writing per account each 7 business days. Weekends, holidays, and other non-business time does not count towards the 7-day timeline.

If your content needs are 40k words or more delivered per month, we charge an Extra-Bulk delivery surcharge, which is applied in word credits and varies depending upon how many words you actually need. Word credit pricing can be seen on our order form within our customer management system.

Documents will be produced via Google Docs and delivered to your account dashboard. You can also receive notifications via email when each order is complete.

Late Content and Customer Reimbursement

As of midnight, Wednesday, April 13, 2022, WordAgents will be implementing a new refund policy for customers that receive late content. If we fail to comply with our standard turnaround time and delivery guarantee (i.e., 10,000 words within 7-business days), customers have two options with respect to reimbursement requests:

  1. Customers can request additional word credits (free of charge) equal to the total amount of delinquent words, or
  2. Customers can keep their credits, receive the overdue content they paid for, and, in addition, WordAgents will provide customers with financial compensation, the sum of which will be equal to the rate per word paid times the total amount of delinquent words (e.g., 𝇍0.114 a word x 10,000 words = $1,140.00)

Remember the Domino’s Pizza “30-minute delivery or free policy” from a few years back? Our policy works the same: if we are late, you keep the content AND get your money back!

Should you go with Option #2, said financial compensation will be credited directly to your preferred payment method. The same policy applies to bulk customers. If your organization has a non-standard delivery contract, please reach out to us at to learn how this new policy could impact your agreement.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

You do not have to sign a contract to work with us, and there are no setup or cancellation fees.  WordAgents' goal is to provide the highest-value content possible. That means no roping our clients into contracts or setting expiration dates. You're free to leave anytime, though we'll do our best to ensure that you never want to.

If, at any time, you are unhappy with the quality of our content services, we will work with you until you are 100% fully satisfied. 

Reasonable Revisions

WordAgents provides up to two (2) reasonable revisions per document ordered. Each revision will be returned within three (3) working days from when our team receives the revision request. Revisions must be requested within 3 days of the original delivery date of the article, otherwise, the order will be marked as completed. 

Revisions are meant to correct accidental factual inaccuracies or to phrase information in a way that better meets the expectations laid out in a client's content brief.   

Revisions are not an avenue for expanding on or changing the original brief or requesting research, editing, or other services that are not included in your order, such as:

  • SEO optimization (in the absence of an SEO add-on)
  • Additional research
  • Increasing the word count
  • Adding sections or information not requested in the original brief

Revision requests must be made via your account dashboard. Revision notes must be made via Google document comments in the original delivered document. We welcome all your feedback (and your clients')! However, we cannot accept articles for revision that have already been edited by a third party. Our revisions cover the original document that we deliver to you, with in-document comments and feedback.

Please note that we are happy to address any quality concerns that you may have, but limitations do apply to the revision parameters. For example:

  • Any tone or voice requirements must be specific and outlined in the original brief, i.e., specific key terms or branded phrases.
  • For product-related articles, revisions do not apply to products that have become unavailable/gone out of stock after article delivery.
  • Addressing changes based on client errors in brief guidelines is up to the discretion of the WordAgents team

WordAgents revisions do not cover rewrites of completed/delivered articles. 


Whether you make a one-time standard credit purchase or an extra bulk word credit purchase, you are free to stop redeeming your credits at any time and formally terminate your relationship with WordAgents.

Cancellations of word credit redemptions (aka ordering articles) will not be honored. Our team begins work as soon as you submit your project details. 


WordAgents subscription packages have a minimum commitment of 90 days. If you are subscribed to one of our packages and would like to cancel, you are required to let us know at least 24 hours before your cancellation date.

Content Ownership

Once we have finished and delivered a piece of content to you, you have full copyright ownership of that content. Under no circumstances will we ever republish, recycle or redistribute the content we have created for you.

Word Credit Expiration

IMPORTANT NOTE: The Policy is created with the intent to eliminate unused credits for dormant accounts, this enables us to dedicate more of our internal resources to active customers. As such, if you are actively using your account and processing orders with us periodically, then the Policy does not apply to you.

1. Clarification of Word Credits validity

WordAgents’ word credits (“Credits”) last indefinitely, providing you are actively using the account that is registered with us. If after some period, your account becomes inactive, or you have unused credits that have been in our system for six (6) months or more, the Credits begin an automatic process toward expiration.  After twelve (12) months if you have not logged into your account and placed an order with us (the “Inactive Criteria"), any balance remaining in your WordAgents account is zeroed out.

1.1. Word Credits validity after six (6) months or more

If your account has been inactive for six (6) months or more, we will contact you via email at your provided email address. If you do not respond within thirty (30) days and after three (3) consecutive email attempts, WordAgents will temporarily delete the Credits in your account. The Credits can be reactivated at any time by simply reaching out to our team via email, and then logging in to submit an order prior to twelve (12) months of account inactivity.

1.2. Word Credits validity after twelve (12) months

After a twelve (12) month period and providing your account meets the Inactive Criteria, the Credits in your account and thus your account will be eliminated.  In the event, you would like to continue using WordAgents services, then you will need to re-register as a WordAgents customer and purchase one of the packages that will give you new Credits as well as full account access at our current rates of pricing.If you have questions regarding this Policy, do not hesitate to contact us via the email address at A Company representative will respond to your questions as soon as possible.

Word Credit Redemption

Ordering content from WordAgents is simple! You'll use our ordering form to describe the content you want, including the article length. Then, when you submit the order via your WordAgents dashboard, credits are deducted from your account balance. Our team begins production right away, and our helpful Customer Success team is ready to lend a hand if you have any questions.

The WordAgents Team


While we aim for consistency when assigning customer content orders to our team of elite and 100% English-speaking American writers, we do not provide clients the ability to choose which writer on our team works on their projects. Dedicated writers are not part of our service offering. Clients can expect a consistent writing style and tone of voice from all writers on the team.

WordAgents customers cannot contact our writers directly. Project management and content-related communications—from payment inquiries to content revision requests—will be handled by each customer’s dedicated Customer Success Representative (in collaboration with a content editor where appropriate).

This formal communication framework provides benefits to all parties involved. It allows our team to more effectively take into account customer feedback. It also empowers our writers to focus on doing what they do best—developing best-in-class SEO-optimized content.

Artificial Intelligence

AI in Content Production

At, we are committed to delivering high-quality, original content to our customers. We understand that the use of artificial intelligence (AI) in content creation is a rapidly evolving field, and we are constantly exploring ways in which AI can improve the speed and efficiency of our content production process without compromising on quality. We acknowledge that many individuals are eager to experiment with AI, and we believe that there are several use cases for it, starting from strategy development and idea formulation, all the way through to full blown content creation and production.

As time progresses, the search landscape and content marketing industry will continue to evolve, as they always have. For example, Microsoft's Bing search engine is transitioning to an AI-driven model, and Google is planning to launch Bard, its conversational chatbot, which will be powered by LaMDA. Such advancements, combined with other anticipated breakthroughs, require content creators and marketers to evolve and adapt.

When it comes to search engine optimization, Google has not explicitly disapproved of content generated by artificial intelligence.

Their stance is clear: regardless of the method of production, Google's algorithm favors high-quality content that adheres to the principles of E-E-A-T (Expertise, Experience, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness). Since AI can only repeat what it finds online or its model has been trained on,  its output is unlikely to add significant value to what already exists.

At WordAgents, we are dedicated to providing our clients with content that is crafted, edited, and reviewed by humans. We are constantly collaborating with our team to ensure that our content meets the highest standards of quality.

We are committed to maintaining the quality of our content. To this end, we have implemented the following policies regarding the use of AI in content production:

  • Effective February 20th, 2023, all content produced by will be run through our standard content quality tools to ensure its quality.
  • Humans will review and edit content that is produced for our clients before they receive it. (We strive to provide the highest levels of quality and consistency in our content.)
  • In general, we aim for all content produced by WordAgents to score relatively high human scores on publicly available AI detection tools. However, we recognize that these tools in the marketplace are perfect, and that they do quite often produce false positives.
  • We also want to point out that  there are many types of content, particularly those that are fact-based and list-oriented, that are much more difficult to achieve high human scores on.
  • We cannot however feasibly guarantee that all content will beat or meet specific numerical benchmarks for our clients.
  • We will do our best to produce the highest quality content possible in these cases.

We hope that these policies will help to reassure our customers that we are committed to producing high-quality, original content and that we are always working to improve and evolve our content production process. If you have any further questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to reach out to us.

Sample Content

Check out our sample content here. Have more questions? Reach out to us directly at

White-Label Reseller Program

As a white-label reseller with WordAgents, you can resell our word credit packages to your clients via a one-time purchase or monthly subscription plan. 

We offer our white-label resellers the ability to purchase special packages at discounted rates.  

You are free to rebrand and sell the packages to your customers at whatever price you see fit. Once your customers have purchased word credits, they can redeem their word credits and place orders in their customer account for individual pieces of per word content (i.e., blog posts, product descriptions, website content, etc.). 

These orders will arrive directly to us on the back end, and we will handle all customer communications, from content revisions to delivery. Note that all communications are non-branded (i.e., your customers will never know they are purchasing from WordAgents).

To learn more about our white-label reseller program, reach out to us directly at or book a call with us.